Android Training in Bangalore

In the technology of mobile applications, android is the operating system for smartphone and tabletsenabling the need for the aspirants to learn and deliver the function that is appealing in the current software industry. It breaks down the barricade of new and inventive applications. To learn the essence of android education, Uttara Infosolution, Android training in Bangalore is the place for best coaching. There are branches available, offering the same facilities as others.
Android serves as an access to a broad range of libraries and tools that are useful to build applications based on JAVA programming that makes one a proficient in JAV as well. The android training in Bangalore provides a thorough exposure to the android application development. A comprehensive understanding of the subjects, basic platform to environmental and architecture tools development are contributed to the aspirants.
The certification contact of android application development is as given below:
  •   About Android
  • Smartphones future
Preparing the Environment
  •   Installing the SDK
  •   Creating Android Emulator
  •   Installing Eclipse
  •   Installing Android Development Tools
  •   Choosing which Android version to use
  •   Android Stack
  •   Android applications structure
Hello Sheep
  •   Creating a project
  •   Working with the AndroidManifest.xml
  •   Using the log system
  •  Activities
UI Architecture
  •   Application context
  •   Intents
  •  Activity life cycle
  •   Supporting multiple screen sizes
User Interface Widget
  •   Text controls
  •  Button controls
  •   Toggle buttons
  •   Images
Notification and toast
  •   Parameters on Intents
  •   Pending intents
  •   Status bar notifications
  •   Toast notifications
  •   Localization
  •   Options menu
  •  Context menu
  •  Alert dialog
  •   Custom dialog
  •   Dialog as Activity
The course content also outlines the basic java with oops, sql, jsbc, applets and also provide real time projects under the guidance of the experts engaged to coach the professionals. For a remarkable knowledge and competence, uttara info solution


  1. Firstly, I would like to appreciate the innovative approach of Android training course trainer to train the students. I guess I’m lucky enough to get trained by your institute. And a special thanks for providing the training materials


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